I think I’m going to stay with this art style from now on.  Expect a new comic soon.  Experimenting with new techniques.

Protip: Notice the shape of the bend in the Tigris river here. Also if you have a mapping program look at the shape of the other landmarks. Yep. We're that bored and that immature...

"38 Sierra Lima Bravo, 959750. Just south of Fallujah." "Hah, another good one! You know, a lot of these are natural rivers, but Saddam's Palace has to be intentional."

Detained – #7a&b

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"Well lets see... Moto T-shirt, ACU undershirt, dog tags hanging out, issued tan boots, IPFU T-shirt... need I go on?"

The phrase every E-5 and above hates to hear from Privates.

Detained – #6 – Remedies

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"So're you trying to say I'm fakin it?" "Yep." "I oughta kick your ass." "Not on that profile you won't."

"Oh and get rid of "Bumf%&$ Nowhere, A$$crackistan" as your "Current City," for revealing unit dispositions"

Detained #4 – Dream Job

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"Of course who wouldn't want to punch out Osama Bin Laden?  Given the chance."

DETAINED #1, 2, and 3

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Old Comics

Here are the first three comics I made for “Detained” in my old art style, made on a late night CQ shift somewhere…

"Ya Mutarjim! Ya Mutarjim!  Ya Jundi!  Ya Jundi!"  "Ma?!?!"  "Marhaba!" Hehehehe!

"Over the river and through the woods, to Uncle Sam's FOB we go!" "99 Karaffes of Chai on the wall, 99 Karaffes of Chai..."

"Well at least it's not another Al, we've got at least 5 of those."n

Detained – The Comic

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This will be a blog where I’ll host my comic called “Detained”.  Detained is a military humor comic, although it focuses mostly on the part of the military that works with detainees.  Mostly.  The setting of the Comic is around the 2007 “surge” period in Iraq, and follows fictional characters on a fictional FOB.  This comic centers around either my experiences, experiences I’ve heard, or experiences I made up.

Since this blog covers a sensitive subject, I’ll be particularly careful of what I show, and if at any time you feel I am in violation of OPSEC or INFOSEC, let me know and I will take down the offending post immediately.

This site is in accordance with whatever that DOD Directive is that covers OPSEC and whatnot.