Detained – The Comic

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

This will be a blog where I’ll host my comic called “Detained”.  Detained is a military humor comic, although it focuses mostly on the part of the military that works with detainees.  Mostly.  The setting of the Comic is around the 2007 “surge” period in Iraq, and follows fictional characters on a fictional FOB.  This comic centers around either my experiences, experiences I’ve heard, or experiences I made up.

Since this blog covers a sensitive subject, I’ll be particularly careful of what I show, and if at any time you feel I am in violation of OPSEC or INFOSEC, let me know and I will take down the offending post immediately.

This site is in accordance with whatever that DOD Directive is that covers OPSEC and whatnot.

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